Home Trial

We offer home trails for up to 3 rugs at a trial fees of AED 25 per rug. Trial fees will be waived for each rug you buy. Below are further details:

  1. Place the order using promo code 'Trial'
  2. You will be prompted to pay 50% of the original price of the items at checkout. Valid only on cash on delivery or bank transfer (credit card payment not allowed for trial)
  3. You may try out multiple designs and sizes
  4. Selected items will be delivered through courier 
  5. Upon receiving the items, you may take 1-2 days to try the item in your home. Once you have tried the items, please inform us which items you want to keep
  6. Once you inform us, we will arrange collection of the items you don't want to keep. Collection will be 1 day after we receive the information
  7. Upon receiving the items back in the warehouse (may take up to 3 days), we will issue the refund with a deduction of AED 25 per trialed but not purchased rug
  8. Please send us your bank details to issue the refund on or on whatsapp at +971-565389740
  9. For example if you order 3 rugs of original price AED 500, you pay a deposit of AED 500x3x50% = AED 750. Let's say the sale price is AED 400
    • If you keep 1 of them and return the other 2, will receive 750 deposit - 400 sale price of the rug - trial fees of 50 = AED 350. In this case, since you purchased 1 rug, you would pay the trial fees of only 2 rugs which were trialed but not purchased
    • If you keep 2 rugs, you pay 800 sale price of 2 rugs + trial fees of 25 - 750 deposit paid = AED 75. You can pay this by bank transfer or credit card payment link 
    • If you keep 3 rugs, you pay 1200 sale price of 3 rugs - 750 deposit paid = AED 450. You can pay this by bank transfer or credit card payment link 
    • If you return all 3 rugs, you will receive AED 750 deposit - trial fees of 75 = AED AED 675
  10. Return / exchange is not possible in case of home trials
  11. Note that we cannot install the rugs in your desired area for trial. We will deliver the rugs, leave it with you for 1-2 days and then collect the rugs