Free Home Trial



Free Home Trial valid only in Dubai and Sharjah.

If you buy any items, pay by cash or credit card for what you like.

If you don't like anything, pay nothing and our driver will just pack the items and go!

Which items are eligible for Free Home Trial?

  • Rugs: You can try any 3 rugs from our website
  • Mattress Samples: You can try any 3 mattress types and we will send 50x50 cm samples. 
  • Fabric Catalogues: If you want to buy a bed or sofa, you can try the fabric samples (Linen / Chinelle / Leather style) before you order the item

How to book Free Home Trial?

Just choose the items and select Free Home Trial at checkout. Of simply whatsapp / call us. Our team will contact you within 24 hours and book your trial

What to expect at the time of trial?

  1. Our trial team will demonstrate the chosen items at your home
  2. Once you choose the item, you can pay by cash or on this credit card payment link:
  3. In case you don't purchase any item, simply inform our team and they will not charge you anything
  4. Return / exchange is not possible in case of home trials
  5. Our trial team will not install the items under the furniture, they will simply open the product and demonstrate it for you to choose